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World Cupp 2011 Plot

Yet another story on sports and life. 'World Cupp 2011' is a film which brings about an unholy relation between the underworld and the cricketers. Starring Ravi Kapoor, this movie is his debut, he plays the role of Indian cricket team captain named Ravi Indulkar, who does a match fixing with the help of his four teams mates against their rivals that is Pakistan team in 2007 World Cup. However gets exposed by a reporter Balakrishanan and all the players who helped him get banned for 4 years. The outcome is that Ravi's life gets devastated and his girl friend Soha, played by Manisha Chatterjee leaves him and with this entire trauma he also loses his dad. Now the year is 2011, Ravi gets one more chance to prove his ability and his patriotism toward his country by his coach, played by Suresh Oberoi, But like any other drama the sting is always in the tail. Shoban, the Bookie, played by Zakir Hussain, again approaches Ravi when he comes to know that has gain entered the team to propose him an offer and to repeat the same performance again. But this time Ravithumbs down the offer. Shobhan gets furious and then kidnaps Ravi's former girlfriend Soha who incidentally is the Indian cricket team's physiotherapist. Ravi consults this to the Home Minister who appoints an encounter specialist Ehsan Khan to save Soha at the risk of his life. In addition, with all this hustle bustle in his life he is also struggling to world cup 2011 trophy and get back his dignity.


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