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Ye Stupid Pyar Plot

Abhishek Khurana is a hardworking, ambitious and smart man who has been settled in the United States of America. Even though he is the only son of his father who is a very a rich business man he believes in Indian beauty, traditions and culture. Hence he dreams to get married to an Indian girl.
To fulfill his purpose, he plans to visit his country-India. On his way to India, he comes across a girl whose name is Neha Dalvi. Neha lives with her father and believes in yoga and salsa dance; hence she takes classes for these traditional but beneficial acts.
To get closer to Neha Dalvi, Abhishek too joins the classes of Salsa and thereafter he does not leave any chance of going closer to her and take pleasure in every moment that they spend together as friends. As time keeps on passing, on a fine day, Abhsihek gathers courage to propose her which Neha accepts and finally they exchange promises and the vows....
Thereafter, their dream (especially the dream of Abhishek to marry an Indian girl) comes true. They get married soon without any obstacles. On their 1st wedding night, Neha breaks down emotionally. This was because of the fact that she had to leave her father alone in India and had to go to United States with her husband very soon.
Abhishek is a considerate man and so he understands her emotional problems and respects her reason. He expresses his apprehension and as a sign of true love, he plans to join his Bangkok office instead. He also tells her that they would celebrate their 1st wedding night at their new destination which was in – THAILAND. They were going to fly for that place - the next day....
Thereafter life becomes very sweet and delightful; and everything seems to move smoothly as Abhishek reaches home from his first day of office and gets a very fervent 1st night present from Neha.
But fate plays its role and things take a turn when the lives of Neha and Abhishek get disturbed under situations which are not under their control. Abhishek meets a girl named Simran and his friend multiplex who gets involved in bringing them out of the circumstances. Although Simran always had some soft corner for Abhishek, from the time of their college days, but Abhishek was ignorant and unaware about her feelings… while she lends him her helping hands in all the probable ways she could. Simran takes the help of her close friend Multiplex and their widespread hunt for Neha starts.
What goes through the lives of Abhishek, Neha and Simran is the clarification to their perplexity about love. Is Love so uncomplicated... or is it so Stupid? This is what explained in –YE STUPID PYAR!


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