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Yeh Dooriyan Plot

This film narrates the story of a thirty five year old woman 'Simmi' who is physically powerful, beautiful and a well-known chorographer divorced with two children. She lives alone. She has some friends such as Bobby and Nikki who work with her in the dance academy…. After her divorce when a few years pass, all her friends and her mother and father inspire, encourage and compel her to remarry…….. Because, not only she, but even her children, needed a father, in their lives…..

Simmi is very apparent that she would only re-marry if the person would love her as well as her kids as his own……. else she would remain unmarried and would also be happy to remain alone… Thereafter she meets a good-looking, handsome model Raj who likes her and joins Simmi's dance academy .Raj loves her children too and kids too very fond of him. Seeing all these things and a variety of situations the way Raj enters like her man in Simmi's life…. Eventually both of them fall in love… but truth of life as our society does not agree to younger guy getting married to a divorcee with children….in mean time Simmi's ex husband wants her back in his life…. Would they over come society ..............What would happen now?


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