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Yeh Hai Bakrapur Plot

In the village of Bakrapur, the Qureshi family has to face financial hardships. As a result Suraiyya (Suruchi Aulakh), the wife of the family head Faiz (Majid), decides to sell their goat Shah Rukh in the animal fair in order to settle their debts, which is also agreed upon by Ansari (Asif Basra). However, their son Zulfi (Shameem Khan) detests this and tries his best to prevent this from happening.

Now he seeks help from Jaffar (Anshuman Jha), who is a hair stylist and also his sister Naaz's (Yaushika Varma) boyfriend. He paints the Arabic word 'Allah' on the goat's body with this hair dye to show that the goat is a miracle of God. This works at the fair and Faiz and Ansari decide not to sell the goat.

While the goat helps the family to earn its share of fame and money, later it brings along trouble, which the family is unable to handle.


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