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Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Plot

The film is a romantic thriller. It deals with a whole lot of fun, romance and suspense. It is a story of an innocent boy, Krishna. The plot involves an innocent boy, who is a happy go lucky, always trying to live a stylish life. He is always in search of rich girls with a view to live a luxurious life with her money. He lives in a motor garage with his six friends. The friends always help him with his requirements. One of the friends is a dress designer and provides him the artist's clothes and imported cards to him to enjoy life. The boy falls in love with a rich girl, Deeksha. He presents himself to be a rich boy, fools her and makes her fall i nlove with him. He saves a rich man, Sharad Kapoor from the goons, who offers him a job. The boy gets a shock when he comes to know that the job involves spying on Sharad's wife. He is again shocked to see the wife, who is Deeksha. He is confused. Viveka is a glamorous woman and has high standards of living. She has an emotional bond with a casino owner, Deepak Tijori. Johnny Lever is a millionaire sardarji who believes in distributing wealth and spending lavishly on his friends.


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