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Yeh Saali Zindagi Plot

Sometimes love can kill you, sometimes love can save your life, some bullets kill you some save your life, and some women kill you some women save your life too. Arun (Irrfan Khan) is in love with Priti (Chitragandha Singh) , he wants to save her. But for that first he has to save Shyam to whom Priti loves, who is the future son-in-law of a powerful minister. Meanwhile Kuldeep (Arunoday Singh) the young gangster, time is running out for him because, his wife is threatening him to go out from his life forever. He suspects that she is leaving him to go into another man's arm, which he cannot digest.

Kuldeep does not know that the minister's daughter's engagement to Shyam is off. Now minister's daughter does not bother whether Shyam lives or dies. More shocking even minister does not bother about the same; Kuldeep is hoping that he will pay ransom!  In this all mess Priti is very upset, she even cannot sort out this mess, and Arun has to save his life. But for this entire he has to put her life in danger, give away everything, And he wonders why he should do all this things if she does not love him, she still loves another man? He is torn but love is love there is no reason .Meanwhile Shyam is trying to captivate all this things; his all goodness is superficial not real only for his benefits. Kupdeep is also desperately trying to save situation which is going out of his hand.

There are some dons, who are coming from Bangkok, who have their own plans and film rides towards shattering climax, where all players have to look for their love and lives. Who gets this money, which gets the girl, who escapes safely by the skin of his teeth? This all you have to guess. But hold on, wait, there are some jokers in that packs and aces up in the sleeves.

Expect the unexpected!

Yeh Saali Zindagi is a peculiar story in the cover of thriller. It is a different and difficult story to understand, how far both heroes go to get the woman they love and screw-up to set everything right.


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