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Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai Plot

'Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai' is a movie about 4 shoe-polish boys who live in Mumbai. Their age is between 10 and 12 years. They carry out their job in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai at the Goregaon Railway Station. Even though life is far from being relaxing for these 4, the boys, Dholak, Master, Jhingur and Chillar are full of eagerness and a enthusiastic for life, with colourful imaginings of a improved tomorrow. Master wants to turn into a big business man, Dholak wants to be a well-known singer, Chillar wants to turn out to be very wealthy by winning a lottery, while Jhingur's wish is to become Bollywood Superstar just like Hritik Roshan. But on the other hand, these four boys have their everyday troubles to deal with which make their continued existence on the platforms very hard. Their insufficient daily earnings barely are sufficient to provide them even a single serving of food. They get Rs. 60 to Rs. 70 per day from Monday to Saturday. The bigger trouble and the biggest menace go by the name 'Sunday', being an official holiday for many people. Sunday is a day to relax for every one who goes to office.  They have to surrender their daily bread as these four boys earnings mostly depends upon these office-goers, as they are their only expected customers. As a consequence of this, on Sunday, they are incapable to get barely any money, and their difficulty doesn't end here, the Railway Policemen, who obtain Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 each day, as a bribe and safety money from these boys, do not let them go even on Sunday. Now when these Railway Policemen do not obtain their share on Sunday, they make these boys' life miserable. That is the cause, these shoe-polish children often say 'Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai? On one such Sunday their lives are totally devastated, when one of their friends, Dholak goes missing. Master, Jhingur and Chillar put their unsurpassed effort to find Dholak, but they can not discover him. They even move toward some politicians and Policemen, but no one seems to be interested in their problem, as they do not belong to any affluent and influential families. This one happening overthrows their dreams and deals an unkind blow to their destiny. Would   Master, Jhingur and Chillar ever be capable to locate Dholak again? How do they conquer their trouble and struggles? Would they ever meet up somebody who could stand for them and be of assistance to their sad troubles to the concerned departments? Who would come ahead to help them out? Would life ever go ahead of a Sunday?


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