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Zindagi 50-50 Plot

Zindagi 50 50 is a story about a common person's life. In everybody's life , there are many ups and downs. At one point there is a happiness and another moment is of a big sorrow. It is said that life is 20 percent how you make it and 80 percent how you take it. The way you ask questions to your life, your life will answer you in the same way. Zindagi 50 50 is a story of such questions and answers. It is the story about three different women Rupa, Madhuri and Naina and their different dreams.

Rupa is a simple housewife. Her husband Birju is an auto driver who dreams of getting his own house. Rupa breaks all her limits to make her husband's dream come true. Her acquaintance CR Lele who is a government servant , pushes Rupa into a very dark situation. Rupa gets the house but loses all her self respect.

On the other hand Madhuri who is a prostitute has broken free all the limits of the society. She later realizes that nobody can completely fulfill the desires in one's life. Not even a king. Whereas Naina who works as a junior artist wants to become a big star one day. But when she faces the harsh realities of the film industry, she learns that nobody is able to fulfill all the ambitions in one's life.

The film is about the struggle of a common man to make the dreams come true. Sometimes they get fulfilled, sometimes they get broken.


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