Raj Kapoor's classic 'Awara' to get a colorful makeover ?

In the time of remakes, Kapoor family plans to rejuvenate the cult classic \'Awara\' then starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis, by keeping it untouched merely with a color version.

Friday Release Team | Updated On: Sep 24, 2013 06:46 AM

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Bollywood is flooding around with tons of remakes of the evergreen classics, as if it's lacking a huge amount of creativity. So what so, many remakes went beyond par of disappointments, very few generated fresh air to breath a sigh of relief. But, as we say what goes in trend the masses follows, so what happens in B-Town.

Recent years have witnessed several remakes, mostly of the "Mahanayak", Amitabh Bachchan . Merely, now it is the "Showman", Raj Kapoor 's turn. According to reports, Raj Kapoor 's younger lad Rishi Kapoor was in mood to remake his dad's cult classic film ' Awara ' with him essaying the character then played by Prithviraj Kapoor and his dad, Raj Kapoor 's be played by his lad, Ranbir Kapoor . However, the main reason behind this remained the copyright issue. As the classic celebrated its 60th anniversary a couple of years back, the copyright was no more with the production, R. K. Films banner. This made Rishi to remake the film as to revive the copyright to the R. K. banner itself.

Whereas, Rishi was keen on the project, Raj Kapoor 's youngest grand child Ranbir Kapoor denied the proposal as he thinks that the classic should remain a classic untouched, as per the sources. As the creative differences lacked the issue, the Kapoor family has came out with yet another solution to re-release the classic with a color version. Thus, the classic will be maintaining its originality, the production house, R. K. Films too will be stepping into the industry again with this flick being its first after a whopping gap of 22 long years.

However, the classic starring then hit pair of Raj Kapoor and Nargis , will not only revive the production house, it will prove a stepping stone for this generation to witness the magic occurred then, missed by us today! On the above, Raj Kapoor 's elder lad Randhir Kapoor also disclosed that as they are still thinking what to do about the cult, they haven't taken any final call, as per the sources. Anyways, the revival be a color or black-and-white itself doesn't matter, what really does is to view the romantic aura of the past, missed by us a lot!

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