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Bigg Boss 17: Netizens Are DISGUSTED With Isha Malviya And Abhishek Kumar’s Fight Stint, Calls Them ‘FAKE’ And ‘TOO PREPARED’! (Check Reactions)

Bigg Boss 17: Netizens Are DISGUSTED With Isha Malviya And Abhishek Kumar’s Fight Stint, Calls Them ‘FAKE’ And ‘TOO PREPARED’! (Check Reactions)

Sinjinee Roy | Updated On: Oct 17, 2023 07:58 PM IST

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Bigg Boss 17: Netizens Are DISGUSTED With Isha Malviya And Abhishek Kumar’s Fight Stint, Calls Them ‘FAKE’ And ‘TOO PREPARED’! (Check Reactions)

‘Bigg Boss 17’ has begun, and the first show has been a big success thanks to the participants. They were quite amusing on the first day. Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya, Anurag Dhobal, Jigna Vora, Munawar Faruqui, Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi, Mannara Chopra, Navid Sole, Rinku Dhawan, Arun Srikanth, Sana Raees Khan, and Soniya Bansal are the competitors of ‘Bigg Boss 17.’

It was an incredible opening day of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, and we saw some fun videos as well as others that disappointed the fans. ‘Bigg Boss 17’ premiere night witnessed ‘Udaariyaan’ stars Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar arguing on the stage in front of Salman Khan.

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In the opening video, we watched them discuss their relationship and how it ended. They got into a heated brawl on stage, revealing everything. Isha has even stated that she does not want Abhishek in her life. They entered the home after Salman made them realize.

They had an unpleasant argument in the home when they arrived. Abhishek was explaining to Mannara why she had taken over the Dil bedroom and who had given her the right. Mannara thought it was impolite and questioned Isha why Abhishek was being so impolite. When Isha went to speak with him, they got into a fight.

Abhishek was yelling, and Isha was also raising her voice, destroying the environment on the first day. Later, we saw Isha convincing Abhishek that she was merely explaining things to him and that he couldn't be overthinking things on the first day.

Abhishek and Isha were later discovered laughing and conversing the entire night. Abhishek preferred to be in the Dil room, but there was none available, so he was forced to stay in the Dum room. However, Vicky Jain afterwards performed a prank in which she claimed that Bigg Boss had allowed everyone two minutes to move their rooms.

Everyone began to flee, and Abhishek headed to the Dil room. He got into an argument with Soniya Bansal. Bigg Boss later chastised Vicky and others for the stunt. He also inquired about Isha whether she wanted Abhishek in the Dil room. Isha confirmed that she would welcome Abhishek inside the Dil room.

Fans are dissatisfied with the new dynamic between Isha and Abhishek. They didn't like Isha claiming she doesn't want Abhishek in her life and then suddenly wanting him in her room. They are fed up with Abhishek's frequent rudeness and yelling at others.

People believe Isha and Abhishek are acting and are overly prepared for this game. On social media, netizens chastised them for faking it inside the house. Isha and Abhishek are making waves in the entertainment world.

Take A Look at some of the reactions:

One of the users wrote, “Disliking #AbhishekKumar & #IshaMalviya, they have come too prepared for the game.”

(Source: The Bigg Boss Fan/X)

Another user wrote, "Behen thoda toh time lagati apni asliyat dikhane mein #BB17 #BiggBoss17"

(Source: VsAI/X)

A user wrote, “Such a fake couple...#BB17"

(Source: NamitaRakesh/X)

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