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Dr. Zeus Interview: I’m moving towards the goal that I always wanted to achieve since I started to compose music

The world-renowned music composer and singer has just released his new single, Woofer, which has received tremendous response from the listeners.

By Mohnish Singh | Updated On: Dec 25, 2017 11:38 AM
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Known for popular songs like ‘Kangna’, ‘Rough’ and ‘Jugni Ji’, noted singer and composer, Dr. Zeus has just released a new single. Titled ‘Woofer’, the song has garnered an unprecedented response from the listeners and its views are increasing by leaps and bounds on YouTube. In an exclusive email interview with BollywoodMDB, the popular singer and composer opens up about the new song, his musical journey over the years and his long association with singer Zora Randhawa and much more.

Dr. Zeus Interview: I’m moving towards the goal that I always wanted to achieve since I started to compose music
Dr. Zeus

Q. Tell us something about your new song with Zora Randhawa?

A. This song 'Woofer' is the first single of my new album 'Global Injection' and we needed it to be a bang some and Zora decided that along with Zora we must have someone who should be a mainstream artist. I wanted to make it special as it is not about just the artists, but it is all about making our Indian culture and our languages be it Punjabi or Hindi global, so as to make it a part of the mainstream entertainment industry. I recorded the song in Zora Randhawa's voice who I share a great rapport with. I made the beat that needed a rap and then Zora and I decided that we needed an international rapper and that's how Snoop Dogg came in the picture. We also wanted a Bollywood star who could sing the English lyrics, so we rounded it on to Nargis Fakhri as she has an American accent and she did deliver the song pretty well.

Q. You started your career way back in 1999. How do you see your musical journey over the years?

A. I would say that slowly I am moving towards the goal that I always wanted to achieve since I started to compose music, and my goal is to make our Indian languages and culture popular across the globe to non-Indians.

Q. What made you realize that music was the career you wanted to pursue?

A. I knew it from an early age and I was in love with music since the time I was a kid. It was only music and football that I loved.

Q. Was it difficult to make a mark the music industry as there is so much competition all around?

A. When I started out with the song ‘Kangna’, there was not anyone doing that kind of music at that time, so it was quite easy for me to reach out to the market because no one could do the music that I was making. So I kind of had set the bar where other producers later tried to look at and try new stuff, so as to collaborate world music into Indian music that I was already doing then.

Q. How, according to you, music has changed in these many years?

A. There are so many people doing innovative music now, it’s like a new age of sound, which is another factor. Music is very much like fashion which evolves with time so does music evolves with sounds.

Q. Is your family musical?

A. No. I’m probably the first person who is doing something musically, but they all love music.

Q. Do you think that the emergence and rapid proliferation of the internet in the past few years have helped or harmed music in India?

A. I think it has broadened the horizons in India because I think people here do listen to the world music and they are getting inspired to understand what is happening in the world music scenario to create something new.

Q. Have you ever considered joining a band or you always wanted to be a solo singer?

A. No, I have always been a one-man army.

Q. What do you have to say about your long association with Zora Randhawa?

A. Zora is like a brother to me and I do music with him effortlessly and naturally. I feel he is a great talent and I love the fact that he is trying to believe in himself now because when I met him first, he was a bit hesitant and it took a lot from me to give him a push. He has paved his way slowly and now I believe the lady luck is by his side. I wish him to reach great heights, which he has achieved with all his perseverance and hard work.

Q. Besides being a singer, what is Dr Zeus in real life?

A. Dr. Zeus is a family man, I have a daughter who’s 10 years old, I’m married and I love to fly out to my family whenever I am free.

Q. Which famous singers do you admire? Why?

A. I admire Sukhwinder Singh and Mohammed Rafi, for the feeling the Dard and the emotion that is required for the song.

Q. What is your favourite song that isn’t your own?

A. ’California love’ by Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur

Q. Your latest single is being released by BeingU Music. What was the thought behind collaborating with a new music label?

A. Being U is a young vibrant label that I have to make the Indian market mainstream. They have put a lot of effort into this and have worked alongside with me and understood my vision.

Q. What are you up to next?

A. I’m playing on the New Year’s Eve in Mumbai for the first time. Apart from it, I’m also doing some Bollywood stuff apart from my regular Punjabi Rock.



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