Tiger Shroff Interview: I am most comfortable working with Sajid Nadiadwala

In this interview with us, Tiger talks about a lot of things ranging from picking up action movies to upcoming projects.

Mohnish Singh | Updated On: Mar 27, 2018 11:06 AM

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When it comes to action, there is perhaps no other actor in Bollywood who can hold a candle to young star Tiger Shroff . From his debut film Heropanti to Baaghi and Munna Michael to his upcoming release Baaghi 2 , Junior Shroff has always tried taking action several notches up with each one of his offerings. The actor, who has his plate full with multiple projects, is currently promoting his immediate release Baaghi 2 , also starring Disha Patani . To know more about his new movie, his constant collaborations with filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala and penchant for action films, BollywoodMDB correspondent recently met Tiger Shroff and had a freewheeling chat. Excerpts…

Tiger Shroff Interview: I am most comfortable working with Sajid Nadiadwala
Tiger Shroff

Q. Even before the release of Baaghi 2, Baaghi 3 has been announced with you. What do you have to say about that?

A. I’m very happy that Sajid (Nadiadwala) Sir, who is the producer of our film, is showing so much confidence in our product and that’s why he has also announced Baaghi 3 and that has built an expectation among the audiences as well. The trailer of Baaghi 2 has been received well. I’m very happy right now.

Q. With Baaghi being a great hit at the box office, do you think the audience is expecting a lot from Baaghi 2?

A. Yes, the audience had a lot of expectations from Baaghi as well. It was a hit film and the main USP was its action. We had to take it forward in Baaghi 2 because that’s what the audiences want. Luckily, we have got a great story to back the action along with a great cast. I hope we match up to that expectation.

Q. How comfortable is it working with Sajid Nadiadwala and his production house?

A. I am most comfortable working here. It’s really like my house. And Sajid Sir is like a father figure to me. I have accepted offers from him without bothering about the script because that’s out of no choice.

Q. Except you why no actor from the current generation is tapping into action movies. What’s your take on that?

A. Action is a universal genre and has a mass appeal. I don’t know why anyone would not want to take that. The mass heroes have always been the ones who do action and are loved by the masses. Salman Khan is what he is because of that genre. In my father’s (Jackie Shroff) time, and his contemporaries like Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol were all the macho heroes. Action is the appeal of our country. The romcom and chocolate boy image heroes bring urbaner and multiplex sort of a flavour. But the mass centers would still watch a ‘Sultan’ or ‘Dangal’ or ‘Baaghi’. Such films do the earnings.

The level of action in the Baaghi series is maybe something that the actors are not doing but Varun (Dhawan) has done a Badlapur and that was great, Sid (Sidharth Malhotra) in Ek Villain, there are hints in these films but maybe not pure action genre.

Q. You have been typecast as an action hero. Don’t you aspire to do something apart from what you’re already doing?

A. I’m happy in this space and nobody is attempting what I do, which gives me a little more chance. I love the feeling of getting an identity of an action hero and be called a great dancer. I feel like I have got some acceptance in a small way.

Having said that, I’m trying something different in Student Of The Year 2 which is a contrast from all my films. Here I’m getting beaten up and bullied while in Baaghi 2 I’m a one-man army.

Q. You have had a complete transformation for your role in Baaghi 2. How did it happen?

A. I have never changed myself as much as I have for Baaghi 2. I completely chopped my hair off. I challenged myself physically and built some muscles. All of that was required for the character and it was challenging for me personally. However, I am very much open to changes.

Q. What are your limitations as an actor?

A. I definitely cannot do pornography for a film. I’ll not do nudity as an actor. But I’ve gone semi-nude for Baaghi 2 for the torture scene. Other than that, I don’t have any hesitations as an actor. The producers and directors convinced me to push my boundaries.

Q. You also have Rambo coming up and the action in Baaghi 2 looks quite similar to the Rambo genre. How are you planning to differentiate?

A. I have no idea what I am going to do in Rambo. I have done so much in Baaghi 2 already. The geography shall definitely change and of course, the story shall be different or even the weapons and action choreography. Rambo has longer hair and a completely different look.

Q. Sylvester Stallone had shared the poster of Rambo. How did it feel?

A. His reaction was amazing. I have grown by watching the man. He shared the poster and wished me luck. What more I could ask for.

Q. The amount of exposure that you are getting in the film is more compared to the other actors, especially Disha, who might not come across that strong. What do you have to say?

A. Disha (Patani) has a very strong character in the film. The trailer is cut in a way where the audience is enticed with the action because Baaghi was accepted on the USP of the film which was action. Naturally, people are expecting us to take the action level a notch up but the film is very character and story driven. There is Disha, there are Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Prateik Babbar, Deepak Dobriyal, Darshan Kumaar and others. We have a great star cast. The film has amazing moments.

Q. How was it working with Disha after the music video?

A. Disha and I share a great relationship so it was very easy going with her and it was a comfortable feeling. Romancing her was easy and the emotional scenes came naturally. It worked well for the film.

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