'B.A. Pass' director to work with Bhatt camp

Unconventional director Ajay Bahl of \'B.A. Pass\' fame to be a part of yet another unconventional collaborate, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt

Friday Release Team | Updated On: Sep 20, 2013 08:05 AM

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Ajay Bahl , director of the recent released dark drama ' B.A. Pass ' seems to be able to grab eyeballs in B-Town after his film succeeded at the ticket windows despite rave reviews. After celebrating the prosperity, it looks like Ajay is back to work. This time around the director will be standing upon a platform that was destined meant for him, with the Bhatts.

Reportedly, the filmmaker all famous for his unconventional form of cinema, Mahesh Bhatt has roped in another unconventional director Ajay Bahl to direct a film for him. Accordingly Ajay would be seen depicting the same old genre of dark drama merely placing Rajkummar Rao in lead. The film is all about a small town couple landing up in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The film is planned to be shot at two locales, Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai, as per the sources.

However, stating a confirmation on the above Mahesh Bhatt reportedly quoted that Bahl would be nurturing a dark drama which would be affirming the type of cinema which he himself presented in the 80's. Bhatt further stated that Bahl is a talented director, well flourished to depict the kind of cinema that showcases the harsh reality of the society. He is more than happy to provide his platform to the director along with his teams of writers to enter the main stream cinema.

When Ajay's last release was diverted by rave reviews, it was Bhatt who came out supporting the flick and this might have anchored Ajay in his mind since then. Nevertheless, when two personals of the same habitat are destined to share the same surrounding, the output undoubtedly comes out to be a piece of archive. Hoping the same kind of response, we wish Ajay and Bhatt the best of their luck to entertain the audiences indulging their best of expertise.

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