Watch: When Bank Chors meet Bahubali!

Y-Films dropped a Spoof video on Bahubali 2 featuring Ritesh and rest of the cast!

Amol S. Malkar | Updated On: May 17, 2017 06:25 PM

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Watch: When Bank Chors meet Bahubali!

The idea to make fun of your content seems to be in-trend, at least for Y-Films, this strategy seems to be working. Recently, Y-Films dropped a video spoof on YouTube titled ‘Chor ke Trailers’ where they took bits from Bahubali 2’s trailer and made fun of it. Though they didn’t make any comment on Bahubali’s trailer or pointing any flaws, but weaved a skit around the trailer and make made fun of themselves. To the point, it is an excellent strategy for Y-films considering the fact Bank Chor itself is a comedy film based on a Bank-heist premise, which helps to gather attentions from masses, eventually, will better be for the promotions of Bank Chor.

Director Bumpy shot this video entirely on green screen and then later added a background of Fort-Colaba area which makes it look too flimsy and disoriented, silly jokes, slap-sticky caricatures, sloppy acting and everything stupid simply works for them. Watch the video here:

 And if you think Mahendra Bahubali was the only victim, then think again! They also poke fun at Sarkar 3 ’s trailer, which is equally hilarious! Watch the video here:

  Bank Chor stars Riteish Deshmukh , Vivek Oberoi , and Rhea Chakraborty among others. The film is set to entertain the viewers on June 16, 2017.

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