Qaidi Band Review: A tightly-knit film with a hard-working cast in its corner!

Yash Raj Films' Qaidi Band starring Aadar Jain and Anya Singh is a must watch. After a long time, you will see a film where two newcomers have performed so fantastically well.

Mohnish Singh | Updated On: Aug 25, 2017 09:19 AM

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Qaidi Band One Line Review:

The story is about Sanju and Bindu and some other under-trials who are put behind the bars in cases which are wrongly framed against them.

Positive Points: The film has a unique story. Performances by Aadar Jain and Anya Singh are whistle-worthy. The direction is taut.

Negative Points: The second half of the film could have been better and shorter.

Qaidi Band Plot Review:

Inspired by true events, Qaidi Band is about an under trial named Machung Lalung. Sanju ( Aadar Jain ) and Bindu ( Anya Singh ), who have not committed any crimes, are put in jail as under trials along with some other under trials. Both are innocent and want to be free, but due to the lethargic judicial system and exorbitant fees of competent lawyers, it seems to be a distant dream for both of them. One day, to celebrate the anniversary of the jail, its superintendent ( Sachin Pilgaonkar ) picks up Sanju, Bindu and three others under trials to form a musical band, which ultimately becomes the Senani Band, to perform before a powerful minister. The event, which was live on TV and the internet, becomes a hit among the masses.

Qaidi Band Review: A tightly-knit film with a hard-working cast in its corner!
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After becoming internet sensations, they get a chance to jam with a rock band. One of the rock members casually tells them about a musical competition which carries a prize money worth Rs. 50 lakhs. On the pretext of buying new musical instruments to better their performances in future, Senani Band members go to a mall and run away from there so that they could tell their story to the world, win the prize and prove themselves innocent. Will they be able to participate in the competition and win the prize money? Will the police catch them and put behind the bars again? Amidst all this chaos, will Sanju and Bindu be able to profess their love for each other? To find all these answers, watch the film in the cinema closest to you.

Qaidi Band Performance Review:

If you thought that Qaidi Band is made just to introduce two newcomers, then think again! The film is much beyond that. You would have hardly seen a film where two debutants had delivered such earnest performances. Aadar Jain , in the role of Sanju, gets completely into the skin of the character. After a couple of minutes into the film, you won't even realize that you are watching a hero who is performing his first act on screen. Aadar does not speak only with his mouth, but eyes also. The actor has got a very beautiful voice which adds on to his dialogue delivery.

Talking about Anya Singh , she is another stand-out in the film. The girl surprises you with her intense and balanced performance. It is just her first film and she brings out the absolute best of herself. She is amazing and looks made for the role. Her expressions are amazing. Most of all, she is unbelievably authentic.

Even the supporting cast of the film is brilliant, especially Sachin Pilgaonkar . He plays a crooked jail superintendent. Since we haven't seen him in such roles before, initially it becomes hard to see him do all that, but he does leave an impression as the movie progresses.

Qaidi Band Direction Review:

The film is brilliantly directed by Habib Faisal . No matter whether his last film did well or not, one can't doubt his skills as a storyteller. Qaidi Band is another testimony to his immense talent. Habib engages you with his craft thoroughly and creates palpable drama around his character and their quest to become free. He creates characters that don't look superficial and deals with them with subtle sensitivity. In fact, you feel for them and root for them.

In nutshell, it is hard to find any issue in his well-intentional and inspiring film.

Qaidi Band Technical Aspect Review:

The production value of the film is rich. Everything from the setting to costumes is real. Every film has some qualities and some flaws. We have talked a lot about various good aspects of the movie. Now, let's talk about where the film falters. The movie falters at the editing table. The first half of the movie is extremely good and pacy, but somehow it loses its steam in the second half just because of its not-so-good editing. The editing of the film should have definitely been crisper.

Qaidi Band Music Review:

Music is, of course, one of the strongest points of Qaidi Band . It plays an important role in the journey of all the characters. Since the whole premise of the film is based around a musical group itself, the makers have tried their best to include songs which do not only sound good but also leave a lasting impression. In the times, when songs come and go and no one is bothered about them, the soundtrack of Qaidi Band really stands out. You cannot stop humming songs like I am Indian, Junooni and Hulchal. The best part of the album is that Arijit Singh and Yashita Sharma remain the voice of the lead couple throughout for each one of them. Lyrics are written by Habib Faisal and Kausar Munir and they are simply amazing. Amit Trivedi deserves full marks for his score.

Qaidi Band Final Verdict Review:

If you don’t mind spending your money on a film featuring a new, young star cast, Qaidi Band should be your pick for the weekend. It’s an impeccably performed character driven film written skillfully.

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