BollywoodMDB Poll: Should Anupamaa REUNITE With Anuj Or Focus On Her Independent Dancing Career?

BollywoodMDB has conducted a poll regarding the current track of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’. Hurry up! Vote now..
By Alisha Limbachia - May 4, 2023 02:46 PM IST
BollywoodMDB Poll: Should Anupamaa REUNITE With Anuj Or Focus On Her Independent Dancing Career?

The Star Plus programme ‘Anupamaa’ is getting ready for a high-tension drama soon. The next episode of the show will feature a pivotal event that will permanently alter the lives of Anupamaa, Anuj Kapadia, Vanraj, and Kavya. The show is reportedly preparing for a six-month jump, according to news reports.

There is a tonne of drama in ‘Anupamaa’ on Star Plus. Just when things were beginning to go well for Anupamaa, Choti Anu was lost, which resulted in a big rift between her and Anuj. Anupamaa was severely devastated after being rejected by him for the second time in her marriage and decided to defend herself. Additionally, she has been responding politely to any criticism that she has received from the public. She then decides to start her dance academy once again. In the upcoming track of ‘Anupamaa’, we can see that Anuj is at last content and resolves to go back to his Anupama.

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BollywoodMDB has conducted a poll on twitter to see what users want Anupama to do whether she should reunite with Anuj or continue to focus on her dance? Well, the question is quite interesting because audiences are not sure if MaAn will reunite as per the current track there are many obstacles before the two meet.

So what do you think Anupama should do? Vote on the link given below and let us know about want you Anupama to do!

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Stay tuned for this poll’s result only on BollywoodMDB.

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