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Celebrate National Science Day by witnessing the universe’s magical riddle with THESE 5 mind-blowing SCI-FI series!

For all you sci-fi lovers, grab your popcorn and your comfort place. We have got you a list of the best sci-fi series to binge on.

Marita Pinto | Updated On: Feb 27, 2023 10:21 PM IST

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Celebrate National Science Day by witnessing the universe’s magical riddle with THESE 5 mind-blowing SCI-FI series!

As the popularity of the genre among viewers has grown, India has become a center for the creation of outstanding science fiction television series. In addition to being entertaining, these shows showcase the nation's creative writers and diverse storytelling, offering insightful comments on how society and technology affect daily life. The best 5 Indian science fiction series are currently available on several OTT platforms, and as National Science Day draws near, now is the ideal moment to watch them.



Available on Netflix

In a bleak future where individual freedom is a luxury, Leila on Netflix transports us on a journey. In the world where the show is set, a fascist regime has assumed power and is dividing society along racial, economic, and puritanical lines. The narrative centers on a mother's search for her daughter after she was taken from her due to her mixed ancestry. With themes of dictatorship, prejudice, and environmental devastation, Leila is a compelling story of love, loss, and survival. Anybody interested in sci-fi and social commentary will find the show to be entertaining to watch because of its provocative social critique as well as its gorgeous visuals and excellent acting.


Available on Sony Liv

A wonderful journey through time is provided by JL50. The show centres on the investigation into a puzzling plane crash that results in the finding of a time-travel apparatus.

M.O.M (Mission Over Mars)

Available on Zee 5

In the show, a humanoid robot searches for her actual identity and purpose as she navigates a world where she is perceived as nothing more than a machine. The show's outstanding special effects and future setting provide for an immersive viewing experience that prompts important concerns about the place of technology in our daily lives. The show investigates the hazy boundaries between humans and machines as well as the potential for emotional and sentient AI.


Available on Pocket FM

Shoorveer is an engrossing audiobook that keeps listeners interested from beginning to end with a blend of science fiction, mythology, and action. You are transported to many places by the audio series' sound design and voice acting, which also brings the characters to life. For everyone who enjoys science fiction and fantasy and wants to immerse themselves in an exciting new world, Shoorveer is a must-read or listen to.

Super Yoddha

Available on Pocket FM

Nobody had ever seen a feat as amazing as the one accomplished by Dhruv, an 11-year-old prodigy who had received the famous "Eklavya" rank for his incredible show of strength and talent during the Bravery Team's illustrious 100-year history. The young hero's fate, however, had other ideas as his rank abruptly dropped to zero with no apparent cause. Dhruv battled to reclaim his previous greatness despite years of intense training and unceasing effort. He was put through a terrifying test of strength, courage, and endurance. Will he be able to meet the challenge and prevail thanks to his relentless tenacity and unshakeable self-belief?

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