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Here we came to make this Valentine's Day special and romantic with super romantic OTT series to watch; SEE here!

Here we came up with super romantic OTT series to watch on Valentine's Day to make your Day more memorable and romantic.

Rekha Nagare | Updated On: Feb 12, 2023 03:05 PM IST

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Here we came to make this Valentine's Day special and romantic with super romantic OTT series to watch; SEE here!

Valentine's week is going on, and Valentine's is about getting involved in acts of fondness and creating precious memories. However, we've especially formed a list of trendy romantic OTT series just for Love- shouts. If you are looking for a distinctive and warm way to make it more special. If you want to watch a love series or a dramatic tale of Love, this list is for you.

1. Silent Love:- Silent Love belongs to the romance genre and is available on the pocket FM platform. It is the story of Tiya, who is an innocent young woman. She undergoes a cruel existence under the despotism of her stepmother and siblings. She also gets more heart when her Love of interest betrays her. Suddenly, a mysterious stranger enters her world. Which is an enigmatic figure? Does he enter her life with dark meanings, or is he an inspiration amidst the chaos? Will Tiya finally find the Love she deserves, or will this stranger be a brief distraction? Follow Tiya's journey and how she discovers the truth about this silent Love which has arrived in her life. Will it be the foundation of a new chapter with Love and happiness, or will it be more than heartbreak?

2. Mismatched:- Mismatched is a romantic comedy series available on Netflix. It is based on two college students paired for a project and realising Love. Both belong to very different circumstances and natures, but love blossoms over time. The series travels from the ups and downs of their relationship and the challenges they faced in Love. It featured a collaborative cast of young actors. It has acknowledged positive reviews for its lighthearted take on the genre and relevant depiction of millennial relationships.

3. Yeh Rishta Kaisa Hai:- Yeh Rishta Kaisa Hai is romantic series available on Pocket FM. It is based on the eve of her wedding. The bride's heart gets crushed as her fiance leaves her for his secretary. In desperation, she gets married to a stranger at a marriage bureau. On their wedding night, she confronts her new husband about their union never going to be more than companionship and the groom wonders. Can love flourish if they don't at least give it a chance? Will this unexpected marriage blossom into a love story for the ages?

4. Little Things:- Little Things is a romantic series which is available on Netflix to watch. It can be great to watch on Valentine's Day. It follows the regular life of a young couple, Dhruv and Kavya. The series showcases how they navigate the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship and try hard to make things work. It is realistic and relatable to modern relationships, with difficulties and enjoyment. It is a must-watch series that will make you laugh, smile, and cherish.

5. College Romance:- College Romance is a famous romantic comedy series available on Sony Liv. The series revolves around the lives of three young friends. These friends navigate the complications of friendship, Love, and relationships in college. It discovers the ups and downs of their Love lives. They fall in and out of Love while experiencing the ups and downs of relationships. The series has relatable characters and a lighthearted take on the college romance genre.

6. Kashi Ek Prem Kahani:- Kashi Ek Prem Kahani is a romantic series available on pocket FM. Kashi is an innocent woman who belongs to Benares. Leads a happy life with her father. She relishes her role as a school teacher. Suddenly her life takes turns getting married to haughty Abhay Prathap Singh, a member of royalty. Abhay takes back Kashi's disobedience, and their relationship is put to the test. In frustration, he leaves her. Will Abhay return to Kashi or move on to his new life? Will Kashi let go and start her new life, or will she fight to make their marriage work?

7. Love Contract:- Love Contract is a romantic series on Pocket FM. It revolves around Kabir, who is inundated by a mysterious illness. The illness causes him to break into rashes whenever he gets close to a woman, disrupting his love life. Further, his life gets complicated when he gets married to Shreya, who is loved by the family. Meanwhile, his Love is for another woman, despised by his family. Despite many challenges, Kabir decides to make the best of his marriage with Shreya and work through their differences. But Kavya creates strife in their married life. What happens to this story? Will Kabir and Shreya find happiness together, or will their marriage end?

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