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Harry Potter: Did You Know? ‘THIS’ Actor Was The First Choice To Play The Role Of Professor Severus Snape! (Details Inside)

Harry Potter: Did You Know? ‘THIS’ Actor Was The First Choice To Play The Role Of Professor Severus Snape! (Details Inside)

Sinjinee Roy | Updated On: Oct 17, 2023 01:22 AM IST

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Harry Potter: Did You Know? ‘THIS’ Actor Was The First Choice To Play The Role Of Professor Severus Snape! (Details Inside)

Severus Snape was a significant and ethically complicated character in the ‘Harry Potter' movie. Alan Rickman, who played Snape, is now inextricably linked to the figure in the eyes of fans. However, before Rickman, another actor was considered for the part.


Tim Roth, well known for his role as Emil Blonsky in ‘The Incredible Hulk’, was cast as Severus Snape in Harry Potter. The part eventually went to Rickman, allowing us to speculate on how differently Roth would have handled the mysterious figure. The character of Snape is crucial to the ‘Harry Potter’ series. He blurs the lines between hero and villain, switching sides during the plot, making it difficult to categorize him as wholly good or evil. His exact reasons and affiliations remained unknown until his death. Snape's significance stems from his function as a double agent, masterfully serving both sides while remaining undetected.

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It's curious that Tim Roth wasn't cast as Snape. He had some characteristics with the character, notably his age. Roth, on the other hand, refused the job because he did not want to be typecast. He thought that taking the part would permanently bind him to it. He opted to portray Thade in Tim Burton's ‘Planet of the Apes’ instead. Roth's selection opened the path for Alan Rickman's legendary performance.

Alan Rickman was an excellent choice for the role of Snape. His portrayal was so fascinating that it's difficult to imagine anybody else in the part. Rickman embraced Snape's moral complexity, making it easy to dislike and sympathize with the character. Snape's persona gained depth and comedy through his unusual speaking pattern, without lessening his seriousness. He completely inhabited the part, resulting in a memorable persona.

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Alan Rickman's depiction of Snape was so good that J.K. Rowling drew influence from him when creating the character. While Tim Roth was an excellent Snape, there's no doubting that Rickman's portrayal was the gold standard. His untimely death left a vacuum in the Harry Potter universe, but his legacy as Professor Severus Snape lives on. So, while we'll never know how Tim Roth might have portrayed Snape, Alan Rickman's contribution to Snape's reputation is unquestionable. Fans of ‘Harry Potter’ will always identify Rickman with the part, and it's difficult to picture the films without him.

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